Pomegranate ice cream

Tērvete milk, the juiciest pomegranates from sun-drenched Italy and crispy white chocolate combine in a new taste that will help colour your summer with unprecedented flavors! Juicy soft POME GRANATE pomegranate ice-cream on a stick will bring summer brightness to every day. It's time to try!

Passion Fruit ice cream

No matter how miraculous the northern summers are, sometimes they lack a little sun. Now is the right time to enjoy the new PASSION FRUIT ICE-CREAM on a stick! Tērvete milk plays refreshingly with the summery taste of passion fruit. It tastes like a mouthful of sunshine, covered in delicious white chocolate!

Milk vanilla ice cream

MILK VANILLA ICE-CREAM is a classic that has a place in the heart of every ice-cream connoisseur. Now our famous Druva vanilla ice-cream, which contains fresh Tērvete milk, is coated with a layer of real Belgian chocolate and can be easily enjoyed on a stick. Sometimes even the classics can get better. Don't take our word - enjoy and taste for yourself!