Ice cream on stick

Every generation deserves the unique taste of childhood ice-cream! Delicious ice-cream on a stick, made from fresh Tērvete milk coated with a crispy layer of chocolate. From classic to refreshingly new - these flavors are really worth tasting.


Waffle cup classic tastes

Tastes enjoyed and remembered throughout generations - classics that will bring the bright joy of your childhood back! Made from fresh Tērvete milk and served in an in-house baked waffle cup.


1L plastic tray

Time to enjoy by the spoonful! Druva unique ice-cream flavors in 1-liter containers, to fully delight your heart and belly.


Roll pack

Really gentle and rich ice-cream made only from quality ingredients and fresh Tērvete milk - convenient for storage, enjoyment and use in recipes, brining that refresh feeling of summer!



From classic flavours to the richness of chocolate-egg liqueur, we have 20 amazing ice-cream flavours in 2-2,5 kg containers, especially suitable for cafes, restaurants and bars.

Kuldīgas highway 4, Druva
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